Made to Order & Custom Orders


If you're ordering a "made to order" item please remember that these take a little longer before being dispatched. All items are Handmade by myself. 

I try to keep stocked up on all made to order supplies so I can work on them straight away (depending on what time of day your order is placed) but if I've had a lot of "made to order" orders placed there is a possibility that I will have to order a more supplies before I can start on your order. So please don't think I have forgotten about you! If there is a delay on your order for any other reason I will always send you an email just to update you on whats happening. 

In normal circumstances I can place an order with my supplier and receive that order the next day but due to COVID-19 these are taking a little while longer to arrive. Which is understandable during these uncertain times and we all know everyone is doing their best but please be patient with me! I will do the best I can to get your order made and dispatched for you! I don't like to keep you guys waiting for your goodies!! 

If you have any questions about any item before you order or need help with your ring sizes, don't hesitate to drop me an email or send me a message on social media.

If you would like something custom making or something is out of stock that you like the look off, give me a shout and we can work on it together.


I do not charge any extra fee's for making you a custom order. If you have an idea in your head and want me to make it you then drop me an email or DM! I'm always happy to hear and make your idea's! I don't think it would be fair to charge you extra fee's for your idea. 

How it works...

There are slots that you can purchase here!


Just drop me a message with your idea and we will have a lovely chat about it! I may even do you a little sketch or you can do me one if you feel you want to.

I will then price up the work for you and let you know so that you can make a decision. You can always give me price limit/range to work with if your worried about the cost. If your happy with the price I will then get to ordering any silver/gemstones/crystals I need for your custom order & then get working on it for you.

How I price up your custom Item...

- Cost of Silver wire

- Cost of Silver Sheet

- Cost of Beaded wire/Gallery Strip

-Cost of what gemstone/crystal you want

-Time it takes me to make your item - £10 Per hour 

Remember you wont always need everything in this list depending on what you're having made so don't be scared to message me and ask. You can have as much time as you like to decide x