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Rear View Mirror Car Charm (silver plated)
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Crystals in your car??


If you're anything like me and like to have crystals EVERYWHERE then your're in luck!

Here are some to hang from your rear view mirror of your car!

These are wrapped in silver plated wire and come on a 22" silver plated chain.

There are three to choose from...

Opalite & Raw Rose Quartz
Opalite & Raw Clear Quartz
Opalite & Raw Amethyst

You can also adjust the height of these to your liking! Just simply tie a looped knot in the top of the chain to your perfect height!

Opalite is a stone of love, but only rewarding faithful lovers. It is said to help form lasting romantic bonds. It is believed to alleviate depression, soothe frayed nerves and help us to step away from anxiety. Opalite is said to bring inner peace and a sense of calm in any situation.

Rose Quartz is emotionally and spiritually calming. It's good for forgiveness, love, romance and relationships. It enhances female energy and qualities. It can help with crisis, phobias, anger, stress, tension, fear, guilt, grief, inadequacy, jealousy, resentment and the feeling of being emotionally wounded. It is said to also help childhood experiences and emotions.

Quartz is a "feel better" stone. It improves your quality of life, makes you feel happier and re-energizes you in all situations. It channels any energy, focuses the mind, aids meditation and relieves negativity.

Amethyst can help with obsessive compulsive disorder and with anger and violent tendencies. It calms passion, nerves, over sensitivity, tension, emotional energy and grief. It enhances the aura, self-esteem, meditation, spirit contact and spirituality.

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