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Ouroboros Ring - .925 Sterling Silver, handmade

Ouroboros Ring - .925 Sterling Silver, handmade

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The ouroboros or uroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. Originating in ancient Egyptian iconography, the ouroboros entered western tradition via Greek magical tradition and was adopted as a symbol in Gnosticism and Hermeticism and most notably in alchemy.

The term derives from Ancient Greek: οὐροβόρος.
From οὐρά (oura), "tail" + βορά (bora), "food"
Then from, βιβρώσκω (bibrōskō), "I eat".

The ouroboros is often interpreted as a symbol for eternal cyclic renewal or a cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The skin-sloughing process of snakes symbolises the transmigration of souls, the snake biting its own tail is a fertility symbol. The tail of the snake is a phallic symbol, the mouth is a yonic or womb-like symbol.

These are made from 3mm Sterling Silver Wire and are made to order in any size. Just select your size from the drop down box below. If you need a half size then select your ring size and pop "1/2" in the comments section when you place your order.


Your Ouroboros Ring will come in a Jewellery box with a personalised note inside, then wrapped in twine. If this is a gift for someone else then you can leave me a message regarding your order and I can add the name/message of your loved one to the personalised note inside the box.

All orders are shipped via Royal Mail 2nd Class signed for which usually takes 2 - 3 days in UK, 3 -5 days to Europe & 5 - 7 days to USA

** Please note, because this is a Handmade Item no ring will be EXACTLY the same as the one in the photo, but doesn't that make it even more unique? But of course I do my best to get it as similar as possible.
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